Responsive Design

With top internet sites such as Goolge reporting that over 50% of traffic is coming from mobile devices it really isn’t an option for your site not to be mobile ready. If your site does not support mobile browsing, we can help. We can usually adapt your current design to be responsive without loosing the current look and feel of your existing site.

How Things Have Changed

As little as five years ago, websites only needed to be designed for and look good on desktop computers. These days that has all changed now that we have not just smart phones but devices that have various sizes of screen.

If your site was built in the pre-mobile device era then people viewing your website on a mobile device are going to see a very small, zoomed out version of your site. In order to read text or click links they are going to have to pinch and scroll their screen an awful lot. This makes for a very bad user experience and you are probably going to get a very high bounce rate, that is to say, people will see the first page and leave very quickly without exploring any other page on your site.

Bring On Responsive Design!

Modern design techniques eliminate all that by adapting the look of your site to suit whatever screen size they are being displayed on. Instead of that big horizontal menu which when displayed on a small screen will look tiny, mobile views employ customised menus specifically designed to be used on smaller screens. In addition the mobile view will reorganise images and blocks of text so that they make the best possible use of screen real estate.

Google has now decided to make its indexing algorithms use the mobile versions of sites to rank them which means that if your site has no mobile view, you are going to get left behind when it comes to climbing the search ladder. You can read more about how google is changing here.

There Is Still Hope

If your site is older and does not have a mobile responsive design then fear not, we can create one for you. It is normally possible to adapt a sites style sheets and mark up to display the site correctly for smaller screen sizes but it should be noted that it is the preferred route to get a site redesigned in these scenarios. We will however adapt your current design for you with the caveat that it should be considered a half way measure that will get you another year or so out of your current website before you will need to re think your site and it’s design. Also, depending on your current site, it may be tricky to use those fabulous intricate tables and large screen sliders that proudly adorn your desktop site in a mobile view. In cases where elements are impossible to massage to fit on a mobile screen, they will need to be hidden and if the data they displayed was vital then new elements will need to be created in their place when the site is displayed on smaller screens.

If you would like us to take a look at your existing site to see if it’s possible to convert to a responsive design then please get in touch. We can tell you which parts if any of your site may cause issues when porting across to mobile screen sizes. We can give you a quote for the work and advise if your money would be better spent on a redsesign or if you might benefit from adapting your current design.

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