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Jorbein Photography

Jorbein Photography is a photography business owned by Martin Niebroj. Martin takes amazing pictures of events and people. He has been taking photographs for many years but only recently decided to evolve his passion into a business. Martin needed a clean, modern elegant web site where he could display galleries of his work. Being new to the professional photography scheme, Martin needed to make an impact and get his name out there.

Project Considerations And Requirements

An artists website is the medium that frames their work online. Working closely with Martin, we designed a site that focuses solely on his work. By reducing the amount of screen clutter and keeping imagery bold and centrally focused we were able to create a streamlined site that funnels the viewer to the most important elements of the site. We held many meetings with Martin to help us understand his motivations and by doing so we were also able to help him focus his business vision. We bring many years of business and web knowledge with us and by utilising this we are able to offer much more than simply a website.

Jorbein Photography


Being new to the professional photography business, Jorbein needed to make a name for itself. To achieve this, we set up Google Analytics and advised Martin of the keywords he could target in order to get noticed. We helped prepare content for use on the site ensuring keywords were properly targeted on the correct pages. We helped format content so as it will be easily parsed maximising the sites chances of rising to the top of the search engines. Martins native language is Czech and so we gave him a helping hand writing his English content too. This required us to get to really get to know Martin and what makes him tick, a relationship developed between us that we have no doubt aided us both in conveying Martins aspirations onto the web.

What The Client Said About Us

Martin Niebroj :

“RicherSites and specifically Rick helped me enormously to realise my business ambitions. When I first approached RicherSites, I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve but didn’t feel confident about how I would accomplish it or the technology. Right from the start I felt that Rick understood me and my business and asked questions that helped us both to explore the bits I had missed. He explained the technology in a way I could understand and helped me to feel comfortable. The website was built and delivered in super quick time and I am really impressed with it, it is exactly what I need, a clean stylish site that isn’t cluttered. I would highly recommend Rick and RicherSites, not only do they build great websites but their attitude towards me and my business has helped me to figure out where my business is going. Their depth of knowledge amazes me. Thank you Rick, I am a very happy customer.”