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Data Migrations


If you have your website redeveloped then you will also need to have a migration plan. Migration in this context can mean two things. Firstly there’s the content your old site holds. When a new site is developed, the data from your old site can’t necessarily be simply copped into the new site. On a technical level this is because the database design may be different or there may be completely different pages. From a design point of view, the “shape” of the data may differ and what I mean buy that is that that paragraph of text that sits in a box under your old header may need to be cut down or changed in order to go in the same place in your new design.


It is wholly possible for a skilled database engineer to migrate your data in a kind of blind way, I know myself I have migrated data from WordPress to other blog systems in the past and this is fairly straight forward as blogs tend to be a title and a body of text no matter what system they are from. Things get a little more complex when we factor in things like related authors, categories and tags but on the whole it is possible.


The same is true for images. Getting the uploads folder from you old server is fairly simple but it’s worth noting that some CMS systems will rename files with cryptic titles. These are only identifiable by looking at the image or mapping the file name back to the database, it can be very difficult to get the meaningful structure from files when systems do this unless you can gain an understanding of the database structure. Without detailed documentation, this can be difficult and in some cases impossible.




The other type of migration is URL migration. Your old site may well have had a page withe the URL whereas the updated equivalent page on your new site has the URL If goole has indexed this page then it will have been awarded some SEO authority which you are not going to want to loose. In addition, other sites may link to that URL and if you do nothing then those links will become broken and you will loose the benefit of them.



A way to get around this is to have a migration plan. This will involve crawling your existing site and then manually re mapping the old URLs to the new ones. This way when someone tries to use a link to the contact-us page they will be redirected to the contact page on your new site.

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